Self Driving Cars and Road Racing

Every guy seems to have a fascination with fast cars and road races when they are in their teenage years. Lance Eliot is no different, and in this post, he shares what it was like to be young and on the road with what seemed to be a fast car.

When I was in college, a friend of mine had a “hotrod” car that he doted over and treated with loving tender care. One day, we were at a red light and another souped-up car pulled alongside of us. For a moment, I almost thought I was in a James Dean movie, which was well-before my time, I might add, but in any case, it is generally well-known here in California that James Dean died when driving his Porsche at high speeds and ran into a Ford Tudor at an intersection in Cholame, California.

My friend glanced over at the other driver and made one of those kinds of glances that says “my car is better than your car” kind of message. The other driver looked back, slowly nodded his head as though saying prove it, and the next things I knew the engines of both cars were being revved up. There I was, sitting in the front passenger seat of my friends racing-like car and apparently, I was about to become entrenched in a road race, also sometimes called a street race.

Lance Eliot,

It brings to mind our focus on artificial intelligence and self driving cars – what would happen if AI cars learned how to road race?

That brings to mind the category of AI Level 5 car navigation – one of the hardest categories of AI driving to get a passing grade in.

Lance had this to say about AI Level 5:

AI Autonomous Cars and Road Racing
What does this have to do with AI self-driving driverless autonomous cars?

At the Cybernetic AI Self-Driving Car Institute, we are developing AI software for self-driving cars. One aspect involves the AI being prepared for and able to contend with road racing.

Allow me to elaborate.

I’d like to first clarify and introduce the notion that there are varying levels of AI self-driving cars. The topmost level is considered Level 5. A Level 5 self-driving car is one that is being driven by the AI and there is no human driver involved. For the design of Level 5 self-driving cars, the auto makers are even removing the gas pedal, brake pedal, and steering wheel, since those are contraptions used by human drivers. The Level 5 self-driving car is not being driven by a human and nor is there an expectation that a human driver will be present in the self-driving car. It’s all on the shoulders of the AI to drive the car.

For self-driving cars less than a Level 5, there must be a human driver present in the car. The human driver is currently considered the responsible party for the acts of the car. The AI and the human driver are co-sharing the driving task. In spite of this co-sharing, the human is supposed to remain fully immersed into the driving task and be ready at all times to perform the driving task. I’ve repeatedly warned about the dangers of this co-sharing arrangement and predicted it will produce many untoward results.

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Lance Eliot, AITRends

So, what if the entire street full of cars is just teenagers doing drag racing around some Pasadena-style AI controlled roadster. What would the AI decide? Drive normal and be attacked on all sides by cars cutting it off?

Lance goes on to discuss this situation:

Privacy and AI Self Driving Cars:
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Should we keep the AI in-the-dark about road racing and not teach it, train it, or imbue it without any indication about road racing? Some might say we should not let the genie out of the bottle, but I would say that it is narrow thinking at-best to assume you would want the AI to be blind to the nature of road racing. I’d prefer that the AI is versed in it, being able to detect when it happens, and be able to contend with it if forced into a road racing circumstance.

I would also suggest that there will unequivocally be a need for the AI to have road racing prowess. This will help the AI to deal with day-to-day miniature road racing that happens as part of the mix of human drivers and AI self-driving cars on the roads. It would seem too that humans will relish wanting to see AI self-driving cars that can legally race, doing so in the right situations and with the proper safety precautions undertaken.

Lance Eliot, AItrends

Implications of Self Driving Cars and Road Racing

Lance has put a lot of good thought into this situation, a special circumstance for AI self-driving cars.

No doubt it, along with a myriad of other situations, arise in real-life.

It is the reason we do not see any AI self-driving cars yet. Although we might see them soon on the farmer’s field.

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Or tell us what you think of self driving cars and road racing!

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