Protagonist Competitive Intelligence Uses Amazon Translate

Protagonist Competitive Intelligence
Protagonist Competitive Intelligence

Here is a short writeup by Bryan Pelley, COO of Protagonist, and their experience in using AWS Translate to perform competitive intelligence services for their customers:

Overall, using Amazon Translate provided several advantages over our previous human-based translation solution. We were able to eliminate the need for time-consuming manual translation. Amazon Translate was able to complete in a matter of minutes translation tasks that would have taken us 60 hours or more in the past. This meant we could expand the amount of content we analyzed with our full suite of tools from a sample of a few hundred articles to tens or hundreds of thousands of articles. We were able to effectively leverage our NLP tools that were trained with only English language corpuses, such as Narrative Richness, cluster analysis, sentiment scoring, and topic modeling. The ability to accurately analyze large amounts of foreign language content using our English-language-trained NLP tools on the translated materials represents a significant cost and time savings for us.
But perhaps most importantly, Amazon Translate provides cost-effective access to a range of languages that we haven’t been able to work with before, including Arabic, Chinese, and Russian. This opens up a wide range of customers and opportunities that we couldn’t have supported before. We’re in active discussions with several large customers on global narrative projects that would make extensive use of the Amazon Translate capabilities. We’re excited to continue working with Amazon Translate and exploring the new opportunities that the service brings.

Bryan Pelley

Protagonist is a company that is trying to understand dialog, and in recent months has been focused in the area of property rights and the dialogue that surround that market. They use natural language processing, AI and ML and mix in human interaction to track and measure dialogs that are important to their customers.

Learn more at Bryan’s guest post.

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