Learn AI Programming The Easy Way

If you want to get started with working with AI and developing AI solutions, you’ll see it is overwhelming.

Hundreds of packages and options and opinions.

So let me give you a popular configuration for getting started with everything you’d want in AI, including convolutional neural networks, keras with tensorflow, connections to any data source, capabilities with computer vision, natural language and even speech recognition.

First, start with Python. Go to https://www.python.org/downloads/ and install it.

Next, add in the package NumPy, SciPy, and scikit-learn.

Go to www.continuum.io and download anaconda.

Using pip, install some packages, like

pip install scikit-learn
pip install tensor-flow
pip install keras

When you install Anaconda, you also get access to the jupyter notebook, which lets you write code, script and keep notes all together, and mix and match them in your execution.

Inputs for data can be text, comma-seperated-values (CSV), Excel (XLS), Relational databases, Mongo (JSON), Hadoop (DFS), and others.

Here’s how it looks when you have it all set up:

Learn AI today with this clear and simple ai blueprint for developers.

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