AWS DeepRacer TV, Tips From DeepRacer Winner

Cybercom's  Jouini Luoma With his DeepRacer Trophy
Cybercom’s Jouini Luoma With his DeepRacer Trophy

You know there’s a race for the first working self-driving car.

Well, AWS has this DeepRacer competition where people can submit their own AI code and get a car with their software running, and get to race against others to see how good it is.

Funny enough, in Stockholm, the winner is from Microsoft’s Expedia branch.

They even have monthly virtual races (but how to tell if that is rigged or fair?) you can compete in.

The competition is heating up as the Summit Circuit hit the halfway mark in Sweden this week. It was another exciting day of racing at the AWS Summit Stockholm, where all three of our podium finishers came to the summit to compete in the league.
In third place was Charlie, who also raced in the league at the AWS Summit in London on May 8. He secured a top 10 finish, which wins him an AWS DeepRacer car, but wanted to come to Stockholm to try once more to win. In London, he was just 0.8 of a second from the top spot, with a time of 9.7 seconds. With a little more training on his model, he managed to clinch third place in Stockholm with a time of 9.5 seconds. Although he did not win on his second attempt, Charlie is now at the top of the overall summit leaderboard. If the results stay the same, he will get his ticket to re:Invent 2019. Now he’s a pro at the league, so listen to how Charlie approached building his model.

AWS blog

DeepRacer Winner Revealed

You can hear Charlie discuss his placement over at this DR blog page. Also notable is Cybercom’s Jouini Luoma, with a time of 8.73 seconds. Definitely knows something about AI.

Next up, AWS is launching DeepRacer TV, a place where you can race your AI program virtually. Go figure. Here’s some notes from Episode 1 of DR TV:

Episode 1 follows the competition to Amsterdam, featuring Carolinea, Norbert, Kasper, Jesper, and many more developers, all hoping to qualify for a chance to win the Championship Cup at AWS re:Invent 2019. Watch as developers train their models, develop strategies, and discover the potential of machine learning in a fun and competitive environment. Also featured in this episode is the topic of convergence, which is a critical step in the model building process to be ready to race. AWS DeepRacer subject matter expert, Blaine Sundrud, explains more about this topic and some of the basics of competing in the league.
More tips from our experts
The AWS DeepRacer experts are here to help developers through their journey in the league. Sunil Mallya, principal solutions architect at AWS, and also one of the data scientists behind AWS DeepRacer, recently tweeted a tool that helps those who are coming across some common challenges. The logbook analysis tool helps you debug models for a chance to improve lap times and win—both in the virtual and in-person races.


You can find more code samples to start with over on Microsoft’s github site. Give your code a spin on DeepRacer TV, and if it has some success, go to one of the live events and see if you can win a ticket to ReInvent.

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